Saturday, 4 October 2008

sedate me with popcorn

Today is the forth day I linger around my house, enjoying the pace of purposeless life. The past three days were cool, I did breakfast, lunch and dinner with friends, played some late night mahjong, hanged out in mamak, owned Gears of War with my brother, watched seven movies in DVD, went to cinema twice, played basketball and finished the book I was reading.

But everyday no matter what time I went to bed, I failed to sleep in the next morning. Normally it takes 3 snoozes to wake me up, and an extra minute in bed is the sweetest thing on earth. But... when I CAN do it, I just WAKE up... sigh... SIGH... ARGH!

Also, I hate watching movie without popcorn and coke, experienced it just now and it was horrible. I was very cranky, grunted at every latecomers and WTF one of them who stepped on my shoe. It was so not me.

Note to self: Must get popcorn and coke next time, or else I might get myself killed.

1 comment:

  1. overdosing on popcorn and coke will kill you too! haha. so you're in a lose lose situation?

    wake up early tomorrowla. see you at work. yayyyyy