Saturday, 11 October 2008

my work life

Let's blog a little bit about my work, that makes up 99% of my life.

This is where I work. I also eat, shop, watch movie, hang out, get my hair cut and spend my weekends here.

Everyone working here is in a rush.

KL city view from Joyce's corner. I like~ Makes me happy.

Like many other kinds of work, presentation happened very often. Here are some funnier moments during the pre stage.

This is Paprika's office. Jon and Kel brainstorming. Obviously someone was not contributing at that moment.

While Ku stayed away from us, the retards.

Ku and Jermyn emitting sheer awesomeness.

Kel stoning, Jon was hungry. We stayed till 2am.

Jon, after presentation.

How often do you get to take picture with an airplane this close?

This is my work life. It roxx~


  1. Still the same pr agency, Fleishman-Hillard Kuala Lumpur. we ownz ok~ hahaha

  2. holla....interesting work place!