Wednesday, 29 October 2008

About Work

Just like how I've learn in college, PR and journalist does not see eye to eye.

Back then, I was also one who thought that PR is THE dark side for comm people.

Why not? Since advertising is about producing creativity/ artwork that sell to consumer, and journalists are in the mission to report the truth, what business does a PR person do?

Write something, make it sound newsworthy and send it out?

Organize an event, doll up the place and drown media in barrels of alcohol?

Currently working as one, I say… Yes. We do everything mentioned above.

We do it because after a million trees planted by various companies, newspapers think that car accident is much more interesting than million dollar investment to ensure those trees actually grow.

And *some media* LURVE the alcohol. They get angry if you don’t invite them. They get angry if you don’t personally call to RSVP for them. They get angry if they came late and door gifts are finished…

Now, I don’t know how to lead you to my next point so I’m not going to.

A PR person might be in *some way* weigh by the amount of media friends they know (reluctantly I must agree); Media might find themselves in similar situation, where enjoying good relationships with PR persons get you the first scoop, faster access to information, exclusive interviews and ultimately, an edge over your peers.

Having said ALL that, I find myself nodding my head off to what Nade wrote. There is a lot of truth in his article. But it is the system inability to hire the right person for the right job, and the failure of the elected leader to act accordingly. At the end of the day, both ‘spin-doctor’ and Nade are just doing their job.

AND I’m just doing my job too, so leave me alone!

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