Thursday, 9 October 2008


These are black and whites taken during the media weekend drive. I like~ But I'm running out of cash to do film SLR... Should I switch over to digital? I'm not a purist, not even dare to call myself that... But... Film gives me a kind of excitement that digital can't... Instant gratification is not what I'm looking for in photography, I have other stuff for that purpose...

Oops, why don't we just move on to the pictures.

The Randoms

The People

This girl is running out of expression.

The Cars

Last is this nice restaurant in Ipoh called Indulgence. Ooh~ Vennese said she will buy me a meal there when I visit Ipoh with her, cool!


  1. DSLR for jobs...
    Films for passion...

    工作与爱好共存。。 ^^


  2. but my work doesn't need a DSLR.. hahaha..

  3. ehhh, i didn't run out of expression k?