Saturday, 25 October 2008

the Corrs.

And so Jon's tag got me all over 6 things I like, most passionate about, listen to, reading, bla bla bla... I went on a nostalgic search of what influenced my music taste the most.

I found them. The first band that I listened to, when I was 12.

Lough Erin Shore

I used to think it was LAUGH Erin Shore.. lol, I'm Chinese educated mar.

Toss the Feathers

Haste to the Wedding

And definitely this one... it's going into my (and million others) wedding playlist.

Everything about them impresses me. Female drummer, violin, tin whistle, pop-folk-traditional-mix...!! They became the benchmark of every band, music I stumbled upon later in life, ooh yes, boy bands never stood a chance :D


  1. Oh my goodness. Andrea Corr so hot! :P

    I still rmb when she came for the Commonwealth Games in 98. Drool! Hahhaha

  2. thank goodness someone is appreciating this.

    yeah.. 98 was when i was 12, and start to notice girls. lol.