Tuesday, 21 October 2008

jon's tag

OK, since Jon tagged me, and since he is kinda like my boss… so I guess it’s compulsory.

6 things I'm passionate about:
1) Hanging out with friends
Even going to places and doing things that I don’t really enjoy.

2) Shopping alone
When I agree to go to mall with someone, I’m actually hanging out with him/ her. When I do shop, I do it by myself.

3) Basketball
If only I can skip work and watch NBA live… Not forgetting that playing basketball with my buddies is beyond fun.

4) Outdoor
I’m just not myself when I’m in-door. I get tired easily; move slower, and less happy.

5) Arts
Photography, music, theatre, paintings, films, orchestra, comics… I don’t like to study them though, that just kills the fun.

6) City
I love cities, I love living in a city and everything that it can offer.

6 books I read(ing) recently:

1) Giddens’ novel
Think I had read more than 20 of his novels since early this year.

2) Sterling Seagrave’s Lord of the Rim
A book about the invisible empire of Overseas Chinese

3) Peter Mayle’s Expensive Habits
For my writing exercise, still I really enjoyed reading it

4) Eon Colfer’s The Wish List
Also for my writing exercise, I love stories with demons

5) William Strunk Jr’s The Elements of Style
Obviously for my writing exercise, don’t think I can finish it anytime soon

6 songs I can listen to over and over again:

1) Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
2) Panic in the Disco – I write sins, not tragedies
3) Andra & the Backbone – Sempurna
4) Hope – Who Am I
5) BEP – Feel It
6) Soda Green - 是我的海

6 things I learnt this past year:

1) I’m happy with my career switch
2) I’ve a bunch of amazing friends~
3) I work best under stress
4) I’m getting the things that I wanted since last year
5) I can tolerate A LOT of things (Jon yells: Stop being a doormat!)
6) I’m gaining weight

6 valuable things I own:

1) My family
2) My friends
3) My job
4) My room
5) My laptop
6) My appreciation for diversity

6 bloggers I tag:

Alarm & Noel


  1. yeala, don't be a doormat!

  2. Sigh... I missed out quite a few on things I'm most passionate about. The downside of blogging while half asleep.

    1. Movie with popcorns and coke
    2. Snoozing
    3. Rainy days
    4. BMWs