Sunday, 28 December 2008


I consider myself an immature perfume fan. I hardly wear them, and I have a bad flu-prone nose.

My first perfume was a Dunhill Desire Blue given by my ex, while the second was a Burberry London for Men, purchased together with my younger brother.

High note, mid tones and base, basics of perfume. Just like liquors, I'm fascinated by the intricacy of perfume making, and the amazing abilities of those in this industry to imagine, blend and smell.

Scent triggers memories. Hence, for almost a year, I stayed away from my Dunhill. But no worries, because I’m happily using it now. LOL

I do wonder, does anyone remember how I smelled like? I’m quite odourless to myself, but that is probably because my nose got used to it.

Here's the story which inspired my rambling. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Should an Old Fragrance Be Forgot


  1. Go watch the movie called Perfume. I wanna know what's your reaction after that :) If you don't have the movie, let me know! I can pinjam you...hehe

  2. i did! that's how i got interested in perfume~