Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Rope Theory

I remember clearly reading it once in Doraemon, that human’s luck is intertwined like a rope. We start our journey of life from the tip, and walk towards the end, each with its own length.

Luck, like the strains of rope tied to each other side by side, pair good and bad side by side too.

The chain is about understanding balance and moderation, about being prepared for failure when we are successful, and about not losing hope when situation seems desperate.

I believe in it for as long as I can remember.

Dec 9, 2008. I went to work with aching legs due to my excessive walking in shopping malls the day before. It was an exciting day because within the same day, it will be the 2nd Malaysia PR Award night- the event that marks my anniversary in the industry.

But also in this fateful day, my ancient Mitsubishi Lancer 3rd Generation aka Proton Saga broke down at 12.30 afternoon, while the BMW team was on our way to Cyberjaya for the last WIP meeting in 2008.

I can’t tell you how horrible I felt. Surely it wasn’t the first time I experience a car breaking down, but it was my first with passengers!

For almost two hours, Nico and GP accompanied me, suffered and dehydrated under the hot sun while waiting for help to arrive. AAM and highway SOS phone booth didn’t work. Here is GP’s story.

Rescue came when my uncle arrived and confirmed that the tow truck was on its way, and then Allie also arrived to fetch us back to the office, with water and potato buns. I felt like a stranded GI, or rather a refugee rescued by the humvee or black hawk, with patriotic music playing in the background.

Back to the base, exhaustion prevented me from doing any real work. I spaced out for about an hour before we went to Nico’s place to get the much needed shower for MPRA.

This time, GP drove.

Maybe it was the clients who were present, or the excitement knowing that after one year I’m back here again not just as attendee, the rush of blood provided me the energy to look lively.

“We better win something tonight!” was what I said while waiting for help to arrive earlier. The “Rope Theory” worked its magic, and we did.

BMW Shorties became the biggest winner of that night, an honour that must be shared with Sashi and Nahri, and of course our client, Mr. V.

In total, BMW Shorties won:
- Gold Campaign of the Year
- Best Use of Digital

A big thanks to Nico, GP, Ku, and Joyce too.

Not a bad way to end 2008. Cheers.

p/s: More pictures in my FB album and a moment of glam for me in Bernama news.

* My bragging rights, haha.

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