Saturday, 6 December 2008

2008 is coming to an end...

... but it is not yet the last event of the year for me. I have one more coming up on 17 Dec. However, it was the last one for BMW team- BMW Premium Selection Launch


Two years ago around this time, I joined Ntv7 as video editor, not knowing what to expect. I thought that I'm a broadcasting person, because I prefer visual, I'm hands on, and most of all, I write badly.

A year ago, I joined Fleishman Hillard as PR executive, also not knowing what to expect. It doesn't make sense to many, even myself! What I know then were... though I prefer visual, I'm not visually creative; I write badly, because I have never written and read as much as I should.

Now, sitting here looking into 2009, I know what I want next year. In three more days, the MPRA is at us again. Coincidentally, MPRA represents my anniversary in FH as well. We have two nominations this year.

You will hear more on Wednesday. I hope.


Recently, the office went on a movie character matching rampage. Well, according to my officemates, I'm R2D2 of Starwars, Sam of LOTR, Ron of Harry Potter, and Abu of Aladdin (the monkey). I'm not complaining, because they are all lovable characters, and I used to called myself a hobbit.

We still can't figure out a movie that can match everyone... but there are some interesting stuff. So before I forget, let me write them down here.

Star Wars:

Yoda - Ku
Darth Vader - Joyce
Luke Skywalker - Jon
Han Solo - Nico
Queen Amidala - Jida
Princess Leia - Fazz
R2D2 - Me
Chewbacca & Jajabing hybrid - Kel


Violet - GP
Jasmine - Fazz
Abu - Me


Gandalf - Ku
Legolas - Jon
Gimli - Kel
Sam - Me
Saruman/ Galadriel - Joyce
Eowyn - GP
Arwen - Vennese

Harry Potter:

Harry - Nico
Ron - Me
Herminone - GP


  1. you look very very smart.. look like very successful... anyway all the best in your career..