Saturday, 20 December 2008

My first LOMO experience!

Pictures taken using Alarm’s LCA. Just so I can add more text to this post, do you know the difference between LCA and LCA+?

You don’t know le.

LCA is Russian made, while LCA+ is China made!

Yea~ simple saje. LOL, of course there are more to the answer. Go dig yourself la. It’s fun to make a discovery by yourself, no?

Ok, ok, then let me tell you about the 10 rules of Lomography.

01 : Take your LOMO with you EVERYWHERE you go
02 : Use it all the time, every time DAY AND NIGHT
03 : LOMO does not interfere with YOUR LIFE, it's part of it
04 : Get as CLOSE as possible to the objects of your Lomographic desire
05 : Don't think
06 : Be quick
07 : You don't have to know what you're shooting
08 : You don't have to recognize what you've shot
09 : Shoot from the hip and over your head
10 : Don't worry about rules

Okay enough text.

The darkened corners is LCA's specialty.

Enlarge to see the details. Trust me.

Aiya, why like that!

To me, LOMO is fun photography! Yea~ You should really visit and see how the other PROs do it.

Pictures in my FB taken using SLR. Not LOMO. But still very nice. So I like. Hahaha.


  1. so niceeeeeeeeee. thanks for the photos u gave us. =) maybe next time when i have more money i'll invest in a camera also (or just curi from evan), then we can go take pics sama-sama.

  2. LOMO is FUN!!

    fisheye................. :)