Saturday, 22 March 2008

my birthday.

hi hi, i'm blogging this from my office, hahaha, i know i know, its saturday, but i love my new team, new tasks, new client.

alright, a few days ago was my birthday, yep, it was public holiday, but i was in office as well. i went home tired, exhausted and extremely not in the mood to go out. I silenced my phone and went to bed straight. The next day, woke up to heaps of missed calls and SMSes, sorry guys, it wasn't intentional, but friday i was overwhelmed with three interviews for another client, as you can see in the picture above, i was holding briefing notes for them while blowing the candles... oh, that is my boss, we share the same month, so happy birthday boss!

will make it up to you all kay (wat about next year, kekeke)...

thanks for the nice birthday card from down under. they arrived on friday just in time to cheer me up.

ooh the phone calls and SMSes made me felt better working on public holiday. oh, teh jenni your blog entry is so heart warming, thanks! hahaha, even though i'm getting less attention from u now, i still 'merestui' u dengan sepenuh hati. be happy always.

i think i will get the picture of the event just now on monday. so, come back again on monday!! i managed to 'pujuk' a very nice photographer to take a picture of our team with his fish eye lens, hehe, excited!


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