Sunday, 2 March 2008

bar lee day two

Actually this was the FH SEA Retreat. So, i get to meet colleagues from FH Singapore and FH Manila (Phillipines)for the first time!

Day two is basically about team building... hmm i think the pictures are in my companies server. so i skipped it first la.

At night, we went to Hard Rock to have dinner. Ha ha ha, it was really cool, because i realised not only me, but eveyone else love to cam-whor*ehem*take pictures too.

We walked back to the hotel from Hard Rock because it's not far (about 20 minutes walk). We wanted to check out the Musro Music Room, nope, not for the caberet show, but for the music, MUSIC people (serious), but didn't make it. So in the end, some end up in a "Drinking Room". While a few of us went to the beach.

Show you abit of how the beach looks like at day.

Oh ya, you need to walk through this to go to the beach from Kuta Paradiso.

Aha, Jon played guitar, and we sang (more like ngee ngee goh ngoh to it). But the waves and winds were so comfy i got jiwang a bit bit. Yes, it was at this point i thought that wouldn't it be great if everyone i cherish are here with me now?

So, i ran in circles and yelled "Where is my girl friend?"

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