Sunday, 2 March 2008

bar lee day one

What do people normally do when they strolled along the Kuta Beach in Bali at night?

I know what I did. I ran in circle and yelled nonsense.

Last Thursday, after a horrifying client event (horrifying because it’s the election time and we are supposed to get media to attend…) at KL Convention Centre, my boss was merciful enough not to skin me alive, instead flew everyone in the office to the magnificent Bali island.

And we flew MAS. Not bad huh.

Okay, let’s cut the crap and show you some pictures. First day when we arrived, we were served with some sort of welcome drinks at Kuta Paradiso, one of the few good things in this five stars hotel. Oh ya, everyone got a room for themselves! Hahahahahaha.

After my bubble bath (i do this every morning, noon and night in Bali), we went to have boss-bayar-punya-dinner at a really cool restaurant called “Gabah” opposite the street. After which some of us went for a nice “pretty long” (about one and a half hour) walk around Kuta Village.

Okay (serious tone), along Kuta village, I saw ponies on the road, strapped to pull tourist carts alongside the cars and motorcycles. Novelty? No way!! For me, it was really a sorry sight. Horses, or in this case ponies, are not meant to be there. Wouldn't the fumes choke them and honks scare them? So, whenever I looked at them, I saw misery and despair.

I admit. I felt eerie when they got near me. And yes, at a point I jumped away from a pony that got too close to me at a dark alley.

No pictures taken because I don’t want the Balinese to think that I adore it.

After the animal rights thought provoking journey, we went back to meet up with boss and played pool. Jeng Jeng Jeng...

Just feel the "Qi", how to win against them la? Plus, after the pool, a few of us continued with rummy in boss room. Basically, I got robbed in the room. Ha ha ha

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