Wednesday, 21 November 2007

web cam

So, for the past 7 days in a row, I was webcamming. With friends. And it was really fun, especially when I see them looking good on the other side of the world. Ha, and as always, swei made me laugh so hard, I had a serious stomach ache soon after.

Ah... What am I going to do without you guys…

As for the saying what goes around comes around.. Ha ha, the work of lovely evelyn hwei.

The so called butterfly queen(posted with permission. ha ha ha, wouldn't want to die in her hand)

The network today is murderous. It took me a million years to update my blog, add demented kat into my blog roll and log into my facebook…

Will some entrepreneur save us from such misery? Come on, give us some other option other than streamyx… hei we do have option! I wonder if maxis/timeDOTcom (can’t remember) is better… please advice if you have an alternative.

One day, I’m so going to tick the “Better internet network” column in the migration form! One day… You wait…

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