Thursday, 1 November 2007

bye bye ntv7

Tomorrow will be my last day in ntv7.
Yep, it's one great place,
Can't say i didn't try, but...
It's my career, so..
One must do what he has to do..

I guess things i'm gonna miss the most will be:

1. Bugging TBS team for scripts
2. Waking up early morning to roll stories (5 secs, 4, 3, 2 ,1, over to you :P)
3. Sleeping in the car park (yes.. i do)
4. Kecoh kecoh in the graphic room (there got japan club, anuar zain and mandy moore)

5. Post mortem kat tangga..
6. kerek kat TBS BJs and Producers.. ha ha ha
7. Nizam buat VO.

8. Breakfast with edict.
9. Afternoon tea with Finding Angels (yep, thats why i gained weight)

10. Of course, NCA colleagues who have been very nice to me.

Ha ha... i surely hope that my new place gonna be as cool as ntv7.

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