Sunday, 4 November 2007

dear jni

When someone shattered your heart,
it hurts me too.
I am crying as you do.
I'm angry, dissapointed, worried..
Because when you are sad,
i'm sad too.


It's just a phase in our life, and we can get through it.
Nothing is more important than seeing you happy again.



  1. saw ur blog address in facebook, so drop by to ke poh a bit, haha!!!

    eh, y u copy me, got editted photo for jni wan, i also send photo for her wor, cheh!!! haha...=P

  2. ar ha ha ha.. im super smart.. i think i figure u out d.. prof...

  3. lousy la u, now oni figure me out, i tot u can check my address wan, haha!!!

  4. cannot check la.. i think u turn off d.. but as smart as always, i'm guessing from the keh-pohness, and the guts to compete for my number 1 best friend place.. ha ha ha..

    as to answer your question, this shows how much we love that lucky jni lor. ha ha. she better appreciate it.

  5. haha, where can turn off wan, must be can check la, where got as smart as always, haha!!!

    haha...can compete wan ar, haha!!! i m better than, ahah!!! *i wan to beat seed*

    yalor, she so damn lucky to hv us such super nice friend, but she so palia, haha, shhhh, dun betray me, dun show her this, haha!!!

  6. cannot check la.. whenever i click on the "t" it says profile not available.. haiyor...

    u can try, but u can never beat me!! hmph !! jni love me more than u!! u r like an egg trying to fight me, the rock!!

  7. u r like a rock, fighting with me the MOUNTAIN!!! haha...