Tuesday, 27 November 2007

child labour

i kinda luv wearing specs
too bad, most don't really look good on me.

noticed how i like to tilt my head a little, and pull down my lips?
i wonder y i do dat..

as to answer michelle's question:
since im not an adult,
and i'm already working,
so.. i took the liberty to label myself-
child labour.

grow up? not so fast!

and hei.. something to bring me down to the memory lane

ha ha, who still remember?


  1. gosh, u reminds me of wendy in one of the pic. o.O

  2. muahahaha.. is it the second one? so hows our satay trip... hmm lemme confirm wif her tmr.. but i think she wont be free lor... she sure wanna meet her "lou".. who are we to her ? haih... fren wor..