Friday, 9 November 2007

my first deepavali

So, yesterday was deepavali, i went to my colleague, Shan's place to celebrate, for the first time ever.. normally i would have just hang out some where with some friends. Ooh, tbs intan and jessica was there too.

Anyway, i get to meet Shan's 3 cute little kids. One even high fived me when i was getting down from my car :D of course, it was makan makan and chatting chatting, but you know i'm still not good enough in those "adult talk" (i'm barely an adult wei..), so i do what i do best, play with the kids.. ha ha ha ha

Then, we visited another house of a punjabi family. First thing when i entered, johnny walker's green label. Ha ha ha, good idea!! Then, a girl was painting something on Uma's hand (uma is shan's youngest daughter), i forgot what was this called.. but i got one for myself too !! He he he

Mine was less elaborate and painted on the back of my hand... but according to shan, indian male who do this are... pondan... OMG!! But i love it. I guess chinese male who do this are.. erm.. handsome-culture-loving-urban guy? Ha ha ha

Intan said this will be shown the next day on the breakfast show. I wonder whose gonna edit? amirul ke? or khairul? sure they kecoh when see me in frame. Ha ha.. lama i kerja, tapi bila sudah belah baru dapat on air.. ka ka ka

It was a nice celebration.


Today, my emo a bit siao siao.
When i'm down i like to sleep it off.
Yep, i have the ability to pig whenever i want to.
SO today, i slept for 9 hours,
started from 10 am till 2pm
then 3pm till 8pm.
Still, now i'm emo...
Cannot study at all...

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