Thursday, 21 May 2009

BMW Shorties 2009 is launched!

The most anticipated event of the year (for me at least) is finally launched last Thursday on May 14, 2009!

Woo hoo~

Scene One: Seet's life a goner, take one, and... ACTION!!


I just came back from a presentation in MMU Cyberjaya. The university's Faculty of Creative Multimedia organised an Industry Preview for its final year students, and boy, allow me to say "Where have you guys been all these while?!"

The quality of work, the creativity, the story... they were so profesionally done!

Mr. Harold, the faculty dean said, "You guys have shown high quality works, which I'm not surprised."

Well said Mr. Harold. I sat through twenty short animations, and I was smiling from ear to ear.

After the Industry Preview ended, we went to the front and presented BMW Shorties. It was followed by a short Q&A, and just to recap:

1. What's the procedure for participation?
- Download the entry form in our website, make your short film, and submit them to the address stated in the form before 30 June 2009.

2. Who holds the rights of the film made using BMW Shorties grant?
- BMW Malaysia holds the rights to it. Having said that, BMW sells cars, not films. Holding the rights gives us the freedom to publicise it in the best way we can. Our past winners went as far as Rotterdam and Oberhausen Film Festival.

3. What about films that are owned by institutions such as university, will there be any conflict?
- We encourage original entries. Thus, all participants must only submit film which they own the right to, or given the consent by relevant parties. This includes visuals and soundtracks too.

Story tellers, now that the stage is set, it is time for you to take it over.

Good luck.


  1. aik ur in mmu? nvr call me one?

    btw my bf was in that class u went present to... how was the experience meeting the FA peeps?

  2. hi! i thought you have graduated? yeah, i recognise him, Jason right? the one who was emceeing the event.

    I didn't really get to know them personally, but it was a nice experience. Hope to see more of their works seriously.