Monday, 14 March 2011

So I have been MIA again...

True that.

Work has not been easy. As I filled up my company's appraisal, typing down one event after another; Merry Guinness, GAB Chinese New Year, Guinness St. Patrick's Festival; trying to justify my work, and evaluate my performance, something struck me- I might be too nice to people at work.

There is a level of "niceness" that one should maintain, which others practice, and expect you to. People in this industry bully nice people, they see kindness and courtesy as weakness. And always think "That's your problem not mine, now get my work done."


After nearly half a year of working in a 360 environment on a daily basis, I do believe that I need to learn when to put my foot down, and say no.

So, that will be my KPI. Don't mess with me.

Oops, you can't because you are not around anymore. Nice one.


  1. Opps, apraisal.....chin chai lah, just give 6 months bonus...ha ha ha!

  2. Yea someone at work also commented that I am too nice. Must be careful not to be taken advantage of! We don't have "harry potter" watching over us anymore haha.

  3. Pete, i'm happy as long as they want to keep me =)

    Hermione, yup, you are right. I'm trying to emulate Harry's style. You know.. nice-funny-but-no-BS-at-work kind. =D