Thursday, 6 January 2011

My dear grandma

On January 2nd, 2011, 7.30pm. My dear grandma fainted while she was having her dinner in my house kitchen. Around 11.00pm, she passed away peacefully in the hospital emergency ward.

My grandma was very old, she was 86. She never suffered from any illnesses, and was the most easy-going person I’ve ever known. Her favourite past time was to play card games with us, and watch the re-runs of Taiwanese soap opera. She conversed only in TeoChew, and given my inability to fully express myself in TeoChew, we mutually agreed that PR is the most difficult profession to explain or understand, and I’m actually a sales promoter.

I believe that her passing without pain is a blessing in disguise. She left everything she had in two small bags. So, even in her passing, she is still taking me to school in terms of inventory management.

My grandma will be missed. But, we are glad that she gets to reunite with my grandpa after nearly 30 years of separation. Besides, during what seems to be the time to mourn one's loss, I now realised that I'm an uncle to 12 kids.

The family just concluded the third day of her viewing. 11 hours later, she will be buried next to my grandpa. Grandma, 一路走好, 我们来生再继祖孙缘.

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