Thursday, 31 March 2011


Ever since I participated in Adidas street basketball competition when I was 18, I have always wanted to be involved in sports-related campaign. I love sports, especially those team-based ones where different individuals come together to play as one. Think Coach Carter, Remember the Titans.

Now, forth year into my PR career, I have done indie films (another passionate subject), cars (oh-so-cool), gadgets, travel, some bit of corporate, and most recently, beer (hic), never once I’ve got the chance to be involved in massive, on-ground, sports-related campaign.

But hei, soon, very soon, my dream will come true! I’m excited!! Wheeeee..


  1. Wah, sports campaign. make sure it is not bedroom sports ah! the latest 3D xxx and Zen..., if you cover this one make sure invite me!....ha ha ha!