Wednesday, 1 December 2010

White Water Rafting in Sg. Selangor

Back in 2008, during FH SEA Bali retreat, we had an awesome white water rafting experience.

It was so good, we made a promise to do it again, soon. Now fast forward the time to November 27th, 2010, we finally did it!!

Thanks to Jon's effort to put things together, we managed to hit the road early in the morning. A big kudos to our two drivers, Jon and Steph!

Since I only managed to catch 3 hours of sleep the night before thanks to Kancil Awards, I was zombefied throughout the drive, until the "river orientation" when we were instructed to "throw" ourselves into the current, line up our body, and get washed down the stream.

It looked easy, yep. I was the first to go and man, I gulped in so much water! But, it was effective in waking me up, and later proven to be a life-saving orientation.

Why? See the photos below.

Here you can see our second capsize, which happened at the end of rapids, so it wasn't that bad.

The worst was our first, when our raft flipped over at the beginning of rapids! It was totally unexpected and I have never been that frightened before. When we were thrown into the river, I knew that there were people on top of me. So, I wasted no energy to struggle and just allowed myself to be washed down. After a good 40 seconds or so, when I thought it was ok for me to swim up, I couldn't! Even with the life jacket, the rapids were just too strong for me to gain any control. I started to get worried because I was running out of breath!

What's worse was my body hitting river rocks left right centre, and the water drowning me alive. At that moment, I thought "Am I going to die? Is this the end?"

But of course it wasn't.

I remembered the instructions, and tried to line my body up. After I did that, I managed to see what's coming and saw two big boulders. I held myself in between them, and caught that much needed breath. Soon after, a rope was thrown in and I was rescued. Intense!

Never been so close to death? Yep. Best experience ever? For sure!

Here, look at our faces after surviving the first and second capsize.

So, when are we doing this again? I hope it's not another two years wait, regardless, I'm looking forward to it! Sg. Singgor, anyone?


  1. So what did you think of when you had the moment close to death? :P

  2. "Yay, no need to work anymore??"