Monday, 29 November 2010

Life changing moments.

Hi all, this is one late entry. My apology. Life has been very different since 1 Nov for me.

1. I have resigned from Fleishman-Hillard Kuala Lumpur.
2. I have joined G2PR as account manager.
3. I have moved out from Klang and is now staying in Ampang during weekdays.

I guess when I said "moving out from my comfort zone" two months ago, I wasn't expecting something this drastic. Certainly I missed the old times, the old colleagues, my old cubicle, lunch breaks, the curi tulangs, the convenience of Mid Valley...

We shall find out together if things have changed for the better, or worse in due time.

Until then, I will just do my best. It is still a new chapter in my life, and I intend to make the best out of it.



  1. Don't tell me bout curi tulangs... More tulang to curi in g2 anyway!! N now u live in am pang which is my territory, why don't find me yumcha!!!! Angryyyy

  2. You WILL be a better self.

    And speaking of which, I'm yet to visit your Ampang home. Invite me!

  3. Claudia, I have been working like a dog since first day... OMG... Ok, we must set a time to yumcha!!

    Zoe, sure sure! I have marshmallows in my house.

  4. What makes you think marshmallows are enough to attract me? LOL. I'll bring liquor ;)