Friday, 13 August 2010

Something fun. Something about work.

For the last couple of minutes, I had been scouring the net, searching for the drive to put me back to work on this dreadful Friday the 13th.

Then I saw this, and decided that it would be a good idea to list down words I was introduced to from work place. Terms that college never teach but should. Admittedly many are 'inspired' from Account Speak Bingo, so, in order to not appear like a copy-&-paste con job, I decided to include my impressions of these words.

1. Deliverables - Things promised to be done.

2. Social media - This fad that simply won't go away, so we just have to adapt.

3. Media - Frenemy. The feeling is mutual.

4. Time-entry - Fancier card punching system. So that business heads will think that they own us.

5. Low hanging fruit - Presumed easy targets. The fact is, nothing is easy.

6. Web 2.0 - Some online thing you create, and getting people to participate via content contribution. Most successful examples are online sex video sharing sites.

7. Platform - Most used word to describe something difficult to visualise, also because 'THING' sounds stupid.

8. Draft - To be inserted after every writing assignments, such as news release draft, invite letter draft, why? Cause it means changes are allowed, so pardon the grammar mistakes you know you are going to make.

9. Thought-leadership - Status claim. Basically using some statistics to convince others when you say cost-saving is the way forward, it is THE way forward according to YOU, common-sense or not is irrelevant.

10. 360 - Something that involves everyone from marketing, to sales, to comms, to advertising, etc. Also means minimum three hours meeting.

11. Out of pocket - Pay first then claim with added %.

12. Return of investment (ROI) - Attempt to justify the cost for doing something, such as walking to night market is not enough, one have to come back with snacks.

13. Top of mind - This thing about making people always wanting to think about your brand immediately, such as when I say oil spill, the brand you immediately think of is Bee Pee.

14. Scalable - Things that can be done from 10k budget to infinite-k budget. Results of course, are going to be scalable too.

15. Viral - This fad that simply won't go away, so we just have to adapt =)

This list is not comprehensive, but my executive lunch is NOW, plus, a list of 15 is probably the threshold of your attention span. So..

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