Thursday, 20 August 2009


Kel told us about this weird guy who stood in front of the urinal for a long time, as long as the time Kel took to finish his business, wash his hands, and walk out from there. Even then, this guy wasn't done yet.

Worst part was, he moaned and talked to the wall...

Working with three other companies on the same floor has its shortcomings. One of the worst, is definitely sharing rest room. I've heard so many complaints for the ladies'. But it has never occured to me that the men's can be as problematic, until...

1. Someone smoked in the cubicle while I was in the one next to it.
2. Someone made mini snowman using the tissues.

I do not want to stereotype people, but the irresponsible behaviour just screams the culprits' profile out loud. They ride a motorbike, carry a leather sling bag, smoke, wear fake Ray-ban, torn polo shirts, and bad jeans.

If I can make a video about this and submit it to 15Malaysia. Yeah, I will be spammed to death and banned from entering Kampung Baru.

Great, they just made me a racists.

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