Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Return of the Procrastinator

I know... I procrastinated, so to make it up, I have here, an awesome video to show you.

Caution: Contains nudity.

It reminded me KDU College PJ Room 103.

To show you that I've actually TRIED to write something during my long hiatus, here are some bits and pieces...


My brother is in Hertfordshire, UK now.

The gang celebrated Alarm, Leonard and Jnic's birthday, it was a night of average seafood and drinking, and now we know that Absolut Pearl is nicer than Mango. Teeheehee. Teddy and HueiYih were with us too.

- written last week


The weather has been gloomy these past few days, reminded me the time when I used to love rainy days. Actually, I still do. I have a tiny luxury attached to my room- a balcony with two ply blinds made of wood. I insisted to not have any grills attached to my windows, a daring and some what stupid move if you consider where I live. But I have faith. I know someone up there is pleased to know that I love the sky.

- written about a month ago.

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