Saturday, 15 August 2009

Another Year of Shorties done.

I'm relieved really. This year, we did what we should toward the night, efficient and dynamic as a team (woah!). Oh yeah, when Ku 'Curi Tulang' during the Gala Night, we know we are doing a good job. LOL.

Late dinner made me gained so much weight recently. Sigh...

Fat boy wanna get slim

Awesome support from the office.


Quote- "Murder on the dance floor" LOL. Thank you all~

However our job is far from finish. Profiling this year's winners, public screening, and sustaining the Shorties website come next. Pheww...

And yes, finally I got a picture with Sarimah Ibrahim, my idol. I look a bit, ehem, bad, but who cares right? I'm not the point here. Ha ha. Thanks Joyce for making this happened.


I will blog more later, am pumped up for basketball now.

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