Monday, 6 April 2009


The films for MINI Lomography shoot done in Putrajaya is finally out! Yeay~


Ok, I lied, I got them about a week ago and procrastinated until now to post it up. So may I humbly present to you five of my favourite shots!

For this shoot, I used Konica Chrome Slides, courtesy of Alarm (Practical birthday gifts! Awesome~).

To be honest, I think the colour is great, but really difficult to use. As you can see, the result is grainy even though it was a bright sunny day.

Gasp, Fisheye 2 is so damn cool. It made me broke, it makes me happy :)

If you drive a MINI, you can park anywhere.

Or you can park decently, and show the car behind he needs to retake his parking test.

Aiya, I mean his or her driving test, I shouldn't be a sexist.

There are some more pictures here.

Alarm posted his work in Lomography Asia forum and was selected as the Lomohome of the Week. WAH~

I don't think he will mind. This is the winning pix:

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