Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Great Escapade: My Fun Travel with MAS!

When stress and dirty shoes were piling up, three friends planned to escape from routine. The idea was simple; go to somewhere near but not too near, at least inaccessible by colleagues, and preferably out of the country.

One of them needs retail therapy, one wished for comfort, while the other thinks erected polo shirt collars is so yesterday.

So they scratched their head and convened.

A: I think we should take a flight, instead of bus. Saw that accident in papers today?
B: Yeah, you are right.
C: Totally.
A: Okay, check out this "Kids Fly Free" package, it says we purchase two tickets, and get one free for the little one.
B: Who is the little one?
C: I want Choki-choki.
A: See.
B: But “retard-ness” doesn’t count, age does!
A: How old are you kid?
C: The same as you punk.
B: Ok, get serious, "80% Discount" package looks good, it says 80% off domestic and ASEAN destination.
C: O.o
A: Cool~ more money to shop!
B: And massage!
C: And food!
A, B, C: YEAY!
B: How about "Economy Plus", enjoy business class privileges and comfort with an Economy Class ticket?
A: We should get that for return.
C: I second that!
B: Good idea, A, you mind to hunt down the tickets?
A: Cool.
C: So where are we going?

Where ever that place was, I’m sure they had a good time. Well, above all I remember what C said after the trip- Man! That was great. This truly is the time to travel!


  1. Love it!
    Hope you win :-)

  2. oh, does this have something to do with the contest?

  3. yea! this was meant to be a sample for the MAS Great Escapade Facebook contest.

  4. hmmmm i have some idea already! wish me luck haha!