Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Statement

Tong to rong tong chiang! It's Chinese New Year baybeh! The time for reunion, ang pows and braised duck, big fat salty braised duck! Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom (apparently it means chewing something, I learned from a long pointless internal chain mail)

Ahh, here I am, feeling a bit tipsy, typing as my phone try to keep up with the SMSes, recalling the weeks that were before.

2009 started with a bang, in workload. First up was the new BMW 7 Series launch, which was a combination of one media conference, a three-night consumer event, one conference-call interview, and two media round tables.

The event setup? See for youself.

Emcee for the night, Wan Zaleha

Guest artist from New Zealand, Bic Runga.

She is good.

Like, so good!

Food by Justin Quek.

And now (dum dum dum) the real star of the night- The new BMW 7 Series!

Making the vroom vroom entrance.

Almost there...

In position!

Now DJ, drop it like it's hot!

Then the statement was made.

Was it a nightmare to manage? Now that I've survived it, I will say.... YOU BET! But helpful folks, plus a few rounds of Hoegaarden ease away a lot of the pain. :D

Oh, the car!

If you haven't read it from the local dailies, BMW Malaysia is bringing in the 750Li and 740Li. Apart from the luxury, powerplant and technology, what interest me the most is the Side View Camera installed on both sides of the car's front bumper, AND, the "OSIM" for backseat taukeh. In-flight, sorry, I mean in-car entertainment is ensured with individual panels for taukeh and taukeh soh too!

The 750Li is powered by 4.4 liter twin turbocharged V8, similar to the X6... EEK! My neighbour just got their twelve feet long prosperous red dragon fire crackers out, they are turning the neighbourhood into a warzone! If you want to know more about the car, visit here, k thanks bye for now!

P/S: Going to Taiwan this Wednesday. Dodolook, wanwan, here I come!

P/P/S: Braised duck and Corona, nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom


  1. what a beautiful event!!! ahhhh

  2. Oh my gawd Seet you're obsessed with your account. N.