Sunday, 11 January 2009


Time flies isn't it? It is already 11 days after my last entry. At this rate, I will probably have 3 updates every month... or even less.

So what happen to me over the last 10 days?

Hmm... nothing about ME really. All is about work, mistakes at work, meetings, reports, phone calls, e-mails, SMSes...

In my email to my confidante, I said I don't want to be complaining too much, or say "I'm very busy" all the time. It is sad to not have anything new to tell them, except "You know, have been busy with work."

As more responsibilities are rested upon me, I become more controlled in my speech, in my actions. I have to. But not skillfully. So like a self-fulfilling prophecy, nothing gets done fast. No argument won. No fun.

I'm "adultified", trading my fun-loving, suicidal self for growing up.

So monotonous, even I lost interest in myself.


  1. I'm in that stage now... so sad why we have to trade in our laughter and smiles to be able to pass through all these??? =(

  2. gawd seet you're obsessed with your account. N.