Thursday, 1 May 2008


without realising, its already may. to most of you who are sitting for exam soon, good luck. ah, almost forgot, it is to myself too. ha.

my friend said, we have dual characters in our life. as a working adult from monday to friday, and a student every weekend.

even though its crazy, i kinda enjoy it. i have short attention span, so shifting regularly in between is good for me. if you see my rpg, it is always mage-fighter class.

if i am a npc, im going to be a shapeshifter. maybe a vampire. yeah, since i like the night so much.

do you know that vampires are descendants of Judah? the one who betrayed Jesus. After his betrayal, he was denied entry to both heaven and hell. thus, he lives among humans as a vampire. since Judah betrayed Jesus for 12 pieces of silver coins, silver became the greatest curse to vampires.

i love silver above every other bling.

speaking of night, i got my ticket to tiesto party next week in PD *grin* time for some good dance.

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