Monday, 14 April 2008


He he he, ok, i met quite a lot of people lately. So, here are some not so good things that i found out about them.

Some of them love to blow their own trumpet, and instantly i know that they are not to be taken seriously. Sure, i always laugh with them, but inside i laugh at them (kua kua kua, evil me)

Some are such habitual liar, that they simply can't bring themselves to tell me the truth. How do i know that? Because they became so used to lying, they forgot what they have said earlier and made contradictory statement.

Did i mention that i normally keep quiet in a new group to observe people (which also mean when i get noisy i'm not on alert mode)? Ha.

Anyway, my earlier responds were "wtf!? why did you lie to me?"

Now i just go "oh, here he/she goes again"

I still hang out with them, as long as their lies do not harm me in anyway. But it's such a shame that i can't trust them entirely, and i never will.

Ha ha, all being said, i'm still as easy-going as ever because i do not think that lies will deter me from befriending someone new. I still love meeting new people, talking to strangers (can you believe this?) and ultimately, making new friends.

Because at the end of the day, i also met many great people, and i know i will keep them as friend for a long long time.

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