Monday, 12 May 2008

freedom weekend @ PD + Malacca

i went to mr. Tiesto event at Port Dickson this weekend.
for the RAVE.
hehe, in the eyes of seed, its just a beach party with cool DJ.
so, we were happily driving down south,
happily stucked in the jam for 2 hours,
happily checked into our room,
happily had our dinner and washed ourselves for the event,
then, happily realised that the tickets were in klang.


only three alphabets in my mind.

yes i think you got it too.

frantic calls were made.
mom found the tickets.
wendy said, can go pass to me in Subang?
mom agreed after executing her 999 hits supercombo.


so, here's a picture of us waiting for the tickets,
while checking out babes.

security checks was quite strict compare to the previous ones i went to.
they even body search everyone!

after everyone got in, we decided to take a tour and arrived at the Hip Hop R&B section.
it's quite decent, less crowd.

then we quickly joined mr. Tiesto when he came on stage.

how good was him? check out the sign. i heard more than 10,000 peoples were there.

party is about having fun and meeting people.
so say hi to cherlyn and her very girly peace sign.

and this guy (left) who is mei's friend

he he, later. going to have some fun shaking my ass.

then, the next day, we went further south to have chicken rice ball lunch.

and i finally took this picture which i wanted to since my first visit last year.

on monday, i read this headline in the Star, "Party gone wild"

Port Dickson residents are unhappy that their seaside town is being used for parties where the young are allowed to indulge in unhealthy activities.

oops. sorry folks. sorry for the jam. sorry for the noise, sorry for the fireworks. and sorry for booking all your available rooms.

mr. ravi said the event did more damage than to promote the place.

haha, imho, there's no other event that attracts as many singaporeans to PD.

but i must say sorry for the skimpy clothing. i seriously didn't know bikini is not allowed in our country's beach.

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