Monday, 31 December 2007

up up at level 33

last night i went to sky bar sky bar. lalala.

haiyoyo, en route, juz because i miss one turning, i gotta make a big round to get back to trader's.. uniboy even called me twice. kakaka.

vyon became very lady like, gotta have something to do with her mr. 27th december; uniboy as adorable as ever; and claudia wore black and grey stripes, which kinda fit with our unplanned theme- black. Good, its nice to see that years of being apart have not weaken our bond.

hmm, claudia did mention a few thought provoking stuff, such as online id theft, ways to prevent it, and even more ways to overcome those preventions (!). you know, people who copy your image and use it as their own, particularly in social network sites, the posers.. well, i don't have this kind of problem, but what about my other friends in the picture? am i not exposing them to the risk by posting pictures that we took together? and will it be necessary in the future to ask for permission to post photos with other people in it online? digital photography had made it so easily accesible to many.. hmm...

when in comm class, we took a module of photography and ethics. personally, i think that photos are taken, because they are to be shown. however, taking a photo and displaying it (esp to mass audience) is different thing altogether, first of all, do we have the consent of our subject? a photo gallery normally will prohibits people to photograph inside, as a precaution. what about online gallery? blog? our FB and friendster? what is stopping them from stealing?

i believe most decent comm students will have second thought from stealing other's work, and we are too proud to become a poser. but what about the others?


too often we question the producers' ethics. what about the audience? esp in malaysia where handphones still ring in cinema, and worse, theatre......

Haha, and another issue is me being single for one year is TOO long?? is it??

anyway, happy new year to everyone, its the last day of 2007.

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