Friday, 7 December 2007

exam... HPY!!

today i finished my first cim exam *clap clap clap*

5 months in stamford college,
3 days in kasturi college,
4 days in wendy's house (not including the shutter night),
and finally 4 days in university malaya...

well, for every paper, i only managed to finish just on time, not a single second extra to double check or make correction, i hope there aren't too much mistakes...

results will only be out next year, sometime around CNY i guess...


actually, i juz finished msn with 6 of my buddies, all at once!

the whole experience felt like a mamak stall gathering, it was very noisy, confusing, interjected with lame jokes and msn nudges that can make your pc hang! We even got ourselves a group name, HPY, it stands for happy and hao peng you (best buddies).

well... it was emotional for all, especially when everyone typed down their addresses of different countries and copied down the rest... *sob sob* too bad swei only joined in after noel left. but no worries! we are set to meet up every friday!!

ha ha, technology really does connect people.

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