Sunday, 13 January 2008


1992, Shah Alam, Makro

Today, we went to a super huge store that looks like a warehouse and mum bought a lot of stuff! There were ice cream, fruits, my fav Koko Crunch, some electric thingy for mum's kitchen, and stuff that we use in toilet... wow, the receipt was over RM 200! So much money...

Our car was full with the stuff mum bought, and we went home happily! For sure i'm going to eat the koko crunch tomorrow. hehe.

Because of that

in 2008, my only resolution, is to get my broke ass (or rather my heart) home. a place where koko crunch alone can make me happy.

** updates finally :P **

for those who still don't know,
i'm now working in fleishman-hillard, as pr executive.
it's coming to the second month and the perks?

1. foc motorola planner
2. lunches and dinners with boss and colleagues
3. rummy 101
4. company trip on coming march, possible venue? ho chi minh or bali.
latest info: its BALI!!

work is not difficult.. yet. But i had made mistakes here and there, sigh, the carelessness in me. Still, i'm looking forward to it, and the challenges ahead.

I asked for an opportunity to change, and it arrived. Am i going to turn it down for the comfort of status quo?

no way man. i want to be a man of word and action. hahahahahaha

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