Saturday, 25 August 2007


Ha ha, no matter how common it is, i'm still gonna say this, one whole week i was freaking busy. The study is getting a bit more challenging, and the work is getting a whole lot more than usual. Still, life is meant to be enjoy, and i think i'm living it to the max now.

Ha ha, had a nice chat with my coursemate, someone who is also living the kind of life as mine, and found great relieve. Truth to be told, understanding and going through it, are two very different things.

But... another coursemate thought that i'm 29 years old... Yeah, looking around, i look the WISEST among my friends. Hmm.. maybe i should take care of my appearance as well... ha ha ha.

Yeah posted some old photos, those are from the Port Dickson Trip, Sungai Lembing Trip as well as recent Ntv7 Paint Ball Game. Some are taken by me, while some are not. The lomo ones are from Alarm. Hope you have a fun time looking through them.

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