Sunday, 2 September 2007

FunNY Working EXperIENce

There was a time when I used to help out in a restaurant after office hour, not exactly for the cash, but for some other reason that is not relevant now. So, one fine day, TNB decided to cut off electricity without prior notification, and all bills were to be calculated manually…

With a trusty calculator in hand, I plowed through the bills to do my math, I even double checked to avoid any mistakes. And then there was this super long bill for table 7…

“I can do this” I said to myself, grabbed the table 7 bill, and started counting…

Double check… done.

Proud of myself, I beamed at the mister standing right in front of me, and handed him the bill.

“Its double checked, and I got an A for Mathematics in school” I said jokingly.

“This is not mine.”


“It is not mine.”


How can this not be yours? A quick look down at the bill… oh my god… this belonged to the PREVIOUS table 7…

Apparently, I got an A for Mathematics, and failed working skills.

Plus, I tried to joke.

*Yesterday alarm went to UK to continue his degree. Ha ha, this buddy has been beside me since 7 years old. Gosh.

I still remember once during our primary school day, while we were about to play football against each other (Yep, it’s a big deal cause we don’t always do that), you said, “Good luck” to me.

For an 8 or 9 years old like me, it was the coolest thing that I had ever heard. And it still sounds so cool now.

Ha ha. All the best my friend, may your entire wish come true. Good luck. *

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