Monday, 17 May 2010

I say.

I need to revive my blog, I need to revive my blog. So was my thought for the past N-weeks. Many interesting things happened, and I was living my life in full.

1. Everyone is back. Almost. Leonard will be, soon. So lots of hang out.
2. Phuket trip is confirmed in October.
3. I got a new car =)
4. Going to Justin Lo's concert. Time to do some homework.
5. Read a few good books, movies been kinda below average, except Kick Ass & Coco Avant Chanel.
6. New found itch to shop in Daiso.
7. Bought similar shirts as Jon, for the second time =)
8. Chant my life for Aiur in the office.
9. Disappointing Cleveland Cavaliers' playoff performance.
10. Star R.age twitter contest owns =)

So all the above, mixed with working life, bercouple-couple, lazy weekends and time spent talking nonsense, sums up my first half of 2010. I really wish that the later half will be as good, and I will have the time to blog about them =)

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