Monday, 28 December 2009


Christmas came and gone. I'm back to my desk after an 11 day break, showing signs of post holiday syndrome, but is entirely happy and satisfied with how I end this year.

Friends asked me where I went during this break? I said no where, just bumming.

Well that is not exactly true. Firstly, I went to Ipoh for an one day eating trip. Then, I visited the cinema no less than six times, met up with the theater gang in FullHouse, familiarised myself with the HD TV in my living room (Dark Knight is awesome in HD), and went to Noel's new place for a Christmas-cum-secondary school reunion house party.

Ah, and also the FH-Paprika Christmas party where everyone got their ass kicked in pool (billiard) by Anjali. She is good.

But of course, Jess and I also celebrated our first Christmas Eve together. We went to Michelangelo for drinks and appetizers, then Wendy's for burgers.


Because the kitchen crew in Michelangelo was unable to serve our order after nearly two hours. Normally heads will roll for this sort of service, yet, it was Christmas Eve, so we just paid for what we had and left to watch Chipmunks 2.

Dontchu just love Christmas?

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