Thursday, 4 June 2009

FH Glossary - updated 040609

UPDATED FHKL glossary for internal communication.

Still applicable:

Dodgy = weird/ suspicious looking / dangerous
CLM = career limiting move
CEM = career ending move
SUNDI = shut up and do it
SUNBO - shut up and bend over
KY = to be used during SUNBO
WIP = work in progress
COB = die die must do and send out today
FYI = for your information
FYA = for your action
ASAP = smoke
Helms Deep = makan place during end of each month, sometimes mid of month
SMG = small medium girls / sub machine guns


Seed!!! (yell out loud from a ROOM) = i'm in trouble


CAM = career advancing move
LEM = life ending move
Actuarrrry = actually
tush tush = feng tao song
nom nom nom = eat
Fren fren / kawan = vitamin N
taichi = pushing work to others
lu mao mati ka = lu mao mati ka
J&J = Joyce and Jida
LA dude = Jon
High D = Joyce
High I = Kel
High S = Jida
High C = Irene
R2D2 = Seet
Sukuk = GP
Party girl = Zoe
Party girl V2 = Jess
Iris = cantik
Gin rummy = ku
bangsar boy = nico
desert = cyberjaya
claims = headache and Kel yours is two months late

Hmm, there might be more but I can't recall now. Help?

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