Thursday, 20 November 2008

je suis fatigue

Ahh~ the BMW 3 Series LCI launch is finally over. Everything went well, though I still suffered the post-event-adrenaline-rush-fatigue.

Oops, just realized I have 13 days of annual leave to kill. Minus the week off during CNY 2009 and a few holidays in the coming December, I’m still left with 7-8 days. Hmm. How ar?



This is MASSIVE, EPIC, and TOTALLY OWNING because when I was zombie-ing my way home, I received these SMSes-

"Oh my god! We won it! First award of the night! Winner! Im in tears";
"WOO HOO! Congrats Bimmer team!! :D";
"We won network of d yr too!";
"We were also shortlisted 4 campaign of d yr. It was top 5!"

YES! I'm talking about the BMW Shorties winning in Asia Pacific PR Awards. WOo Hoo! I'm ecstatic! It is too good to be true and my mind restricted myself to react to the news, fearing that overly expressing my joy will ruin the whole thing, and I might wake up knowing it was just a dream!

But it is not! The fact is we won! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA~


  1. LOL. It was mid night and I was two seconds away from collapsing.. Later la..