Saturday, 8 November 2008

eventless week *grin*

Compared to the rest, I have had probably the most eventless week since I joined FH. For five days, I wasn’t rushing for deadlines; wasn’t making too many calls; and wasn’t frantically correcting my own careless mistakes.

YES! For sure, I’m not complaining. *grin*

With December approaching, I’m nearing my first anniversary in PR. I’ve learnt many important lessons from the job, and the relevance of these valuable experiences often transcend beyond work.

I’ve learnt about Murphy’s Law and is converted to believe that it is the way of life, especially a day before and during event.

I’ve learnt that working on Q&A and monthly report is the best way to gain knowledge of an industry.

I’ve also learnt new words – dodgy, svelte, drivetrain, torque, purgatory; and how to pronounce Oprah and Opera.

But most importantly, I know I’m still as excited as a year ago when I see my work in the media, and I still believe in quiet hard work.

ARGH~ Why am I talking about these? I was supposed to annoy Jon and GP who were quite busy and tired this week... Seet, lu sesat la


  1. so how do you say Opera and Oprah?

    yeala this week damn tiring. i woke up at 11 this morning! which is late for me! crazy.

    see you tmrw for dim sum!


  2. i was very busy this week? which week was this? i dun rmb being busy.... probably overtly whiny, that's all :P

    oh yah, next time tell me when you're free. can pass more work so i can be free. LOL!!