Sunday, 28 September 2008

BMW Weekend Getaway

I must say, I'm a very lucky person. Two drive events within such short span of time. What's more, my bosses (several of them) allowed me to go for both!! Thank you all so much!

Knowing that the cars were among the rarest even for BMW standard, I prepared an office digicam and one roll of black and white film. My objective was very straight forward- I'm going to immersed myself in serious photography training during this trip.

Not going to bore you anymore with my lame writings, here are some digicam's stuff.

The Drive

Briefing in the morning is standard for drive event.

Mr. YKF said "I dunno ler"

On the way up to Cameron, I was in the 525i Sports

Taking a picture like this is very dangerous.
Do not try this on the road.
Just try at home.

Coming back from Gua Musang, trailed by 135i Coupe

Refuelling. 525i Sports on the left, and X6 on the right.

That is what Seet drives normally.

Stop for photo-op is compulsory

Since the drive was initially organised for the judges of New Straits Times & Maybank Car Of The Year Award, we had the priviledge to jump into BMW best of segments model. They are... (drum roll)

BMW 135i Coupe

"This is really a chic car" - Sujartha K., Malay Mail

BMW M3 Sedan

"I like M3, woo hoo~" - Seet, FHKL


"You will forget that this thing weighs more than 2 tonnes" - Mr. V, BMW Malaysia

BMW 525i Sports

"BMW 525i Sports is sweet~" - GP, FHKL

Cameron Highland Resorts

We stayed in YTL owned Cameron Highland Resorts (formerly known as Merlin) for a night. Room was cosy and bed was warm. I like~ The only complain- someone kicked me at 6am to wake me up!!

Door to the balcony

I like this balcony

Dining room


Teammate is very important.

I'm quite satisfied with the photos. By far, the best car shoot that I've done. The black & white roll was sent to lab, but will take at least a week due to Raya. Fingers crossed.

P/S: I *HEART* M3.


  1. I'm still so engrossed with your pictures. Can't wait to see the B&W ones. though i think i've spoiled a few. =P

  2. Damn... awesome stuff, great job to both of you! - Nahri

  3. Hei Nahri! must say I learn from the best! Will not let you guys down.