Sunday, 7 September 2008

Great Plan

Yesterday I was in Putrajaya attending Mr. Buzan's mind-mapping training. Part of the program was to mind-map a 5 year plan, ehem, yes don't laugh, i know what you are thinking. But nevertheless, i DID mapped out a plan that involved touring the world with my buddies.

Selflessness filled my heart, and I decided to text the princess in UK while using the toilet to tell her how great I was to include them in my plan.

The was no reply.

The end.


I saw a blog post this morning which reminded me 5 years ago, three delusional kids planned to start a 'hand-made' greeting card business. The rationale? Our craft can easily defeat any available cards in the market , or so we believe.

They were serious about it and bought cardboards, trinkets and equipments neccesary. They even figured out the POSM, and where to sell the cards. Great business plan was discussed, target market identified, and they even got a name for the company.

Did they make it?

The first boy made ONE card for his teacher, and moved on to Taiwan for luxury shopping.
Another was made magazine's cover material, and left the country to pursue law in Britain.
The third one became a PR executive.


No wonder there was no reply.


Shangri-La Putrajaya

bottom right is fuzzy room

obviously this is a swimming pool



The Training

i mean food :P

we had to learn how to juggle as well

Seet mind mapping...

Seet, GP, Allie

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  1. awwwwww. i like the Seet Mindmapping photo.