Saturday, 16 August 2008


Recently, i came upon people who are so proud of their age, they become blind.

Heritage, history, experience, tradition, whatever you like to call it, does add flavours and brand confidence, in a way similar to paper qualification, there is no doubt about it. Think Adidas.

I’m a great fan of tradition. I respect experience, and cherish veteran contribution.

What I don’t get is…

What makes a veteran thinks that bragging how experience he/ she is will earn younger generation’s respect?

Adidas never stop at telling people how long they have been making shoes! Nor Adidas get angry when footballers opted for Nike.

They come out with better shoes. They take the time to understand what the market need. They work with better designer like Stella McCartney. They improve their performance!

Even so, they remain number two. But they have earn our respect.

Yes, performance and result top our list of criteria for respect and admiration.

The market has spoken, so please don’t act like a baby.

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