Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sweaty, muddy and Skol-ly Saturday

I’ve arrived at Batu Caves with a book, my laptop, and 24 bottles of beers in my car boot.
The sight of the steps reminded me a trip ykit, yh and swei made last year (or 2 years ago?) which I did not tag along, probably due to work reason.
The rendezvous time with Joyce and Irene is 3.30pm. I am one hour earlier, gee...

Drinking fresh coconut juice, panting, and knee trembling.
Short moment ago, a sudden urge prompted me to climb the steps. And I did it.
I went up, said hi to the monkeys, toured the cave, rescued an Indian boy’s water bottle, and came down with wisdom +1
The cave is quite a sight filled with monkeys' and doves' poop :P
But I like.

Joyce and Irene arrived, I’m ready for the adventure to Ulu Yam.

Oh my god~ The scenery during my 45 minutes drive was awesome, curvy hillside roads, pouring rains… and a huge lake that appeared out of nowhere. Glad that I agreed to help out in this event.

Work starts! Set up the media registration counter, sorted out the press kits and gifts (the beers in my boot), read the agenda and memorise the key messages and VIPs name. Oh, did I not mention? It’s the super Skol Launch (Super because it’s 9% alcohol content, normal beer is 4%)

Media came. Not too happy (so far la, raining la, it’s Saturday la, ulu place la) :P

4X4 trucks ferried media into event site.

Waiting for late comers. So going to miss the launch.

Went in with the last batch of media. Woo.. My first time sitting in a Mitsubishi Triton, nice~ The makeshift road was a combo of tar and mud, but Triton handled it with ease, no problem at all, suspension super man!

We missed the launch. But that’s not important :P
The event site is… muddy. The band is… weirdly entertaining. The media are… looking at me with disbelief, telepathically telling me WTF is this!?

Seet respond to all: Ha ha… erm… outdoor mar, sporty mar, rough and tough mar, u know la, Super Skol so super, 4X4 also so super… OH YA have you tried it? Come, come have some!

Run away~

Leaving with the same group of media who came late just now. I think I have made a few friends in sharing common disbelief of how the event is done tonight. I was so hungry, I became the one to clear the dishes, a rare sight ler~

Reached home. Munthye came to borrow basketball. SiauHui bro came to borrow jacket. Realised I have not tried Super Skol…

My job rocks.

Disclaimer: Pix are not taken by me. I googled and selected the closest pix.


I’m now blogging in Starbucks while waiting for my class to start.
50% of the stuff are moved to the new house, which until now I have not seen it.
I guess I quite fail.

Studying part time is really taking a toll on me now.
As I got involved in more high demand accounts, I find myself struggling to keep my life in balance.
I made many mistakes at work, mostly due to carelessness, and I disappointed people.


I’ve updated the MINI review with pix, enjoy~

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