Sunday, 27 July 2008

Life is so drama

Past five days and five nights~

I had durian, dim sum, bak kut teh
I went to pasar malam, and cycling in Bukit Cahaya
I attended parties, for business and leisure, two nights in a row.

I got home Sunday morning 2am.
My new house got a set of new doors, cool~
Mom forgot that I have been away for five days and don't have the keys~
My phone ran out of battery.

The door bell!
Nobody answered after ding dong for 15 minutes.
They probably never heard of it.

Did they lock my room's balcony door?
Should I climb up?
I think I can do it.
FHM Jantan Test would like to hear about this.
Better not.

Public phone!
There is one near 7-Eleven.
Thank god it is still working.
A glimmer of hope for Malaysian vandals.

Got in.
It's already 3am.
Drama nye~

Dark Knight is good.
So is Red Cliff,Hell Boy 2 & Journey to the Centre of the Earth,
I have paid my dues.

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